The Tastiest Little Shop Around

While our farm shop is small, we try to provide everything you need for a delicious and wholesome meal – keeping our focus on local and Irish small-batch producers.


Fruit & Veg

We’re incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some of Ireland’s best growers, so you always have an abundance of locally grown in-season fruits, vegetables and herbs to choose from.



Our Farm Shop manager works with suppliers to provide our customers with a wide selection of cheeses – from everyday to gourmet - through to raw and organic milk.


Irish Artisan Foods

We have a wide variety of Irish artisan foods in our Farm Shop. You’ll find everything from preserves, sauces, oils, dressings and marinades to crackers, local lemonades and juices and handmade chocolates.


Fresh Prepared Meals

Our prepared meals and soups are made at our farm in Lusk, using the freshest ingredients. They’re the next best thing to preparing it yourself.


Breads & Cakes

All of our breads are hand made using traditional skills and methods at The Bretzel Bakery and the Tartine Organic Bakery. Our delicious cakes and tarts are made by Fothergills.



Our wine selection has grown extensively and includes wines from around the globe – as well as organic, vegan and non-alcoholic wines and prosecco. We are thrilled to stock ‘Lusca’ wine, which is produced locally by David Llewellyn using grapes grown on his farm only minutes away in Lusk. Tasting is believing!